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#skrogue at freenode
For those wishing to help out just stop by there and we can talk =)
Otherwise just come hang out


Hello everyone!

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Okay, the site, I’ve decided that I’m going to host it my self since I don’t want to pay hostgator however much it is per month for them to host it. I’ve got a basic LAMP server up and it works, but now I’m just having trouble pointing towards it. It works now (although it’s just a temporary page) but it will cease to work when my external IP address changes. If anyone knows anything about this kind of stuff it would definitely speed up the process, at least a little faster than my mediocre unix skill and google-fu would.
Okay now the information you actually care about… How far along is skrogue?
Well I’ll give it to you straight, I haven’t had as much time to work on it that I would have liked. That said, I have some progress on it in the months I’ve been silent, I have no idea the percent that it is done (since most roguelikes can never be ‘completed’ any was) so stop asking. I’ll try to sit in the IRC channel a little more. Also if you really want to see this project come to light sooner, and have any sort of strong C/C++, design, or organization skills (or just have a burning desire to help with this project) then speak up!

Website down

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Hey guys I just found this out and I’m not sure why this happened. No worries though this doesn’t mean anything and will be up again when I get the chance to sort it out

New website

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Here it is =)

Late Alpha log 5

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Hey guys, sorry I didn’t make a post Sunday, I was super sick =(. But anyways, I got us a Gitorious which means this project will be open source =). Nothing has been uploaded yet and I’ll give you guys the link when we decide to upload it so you can see our progress as it happens.

Alpha log 4

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Not really much progress this week, i’m on spring break right now. But in other news we are going to get a real domain name for this project soon.

Alpha Log 3

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I don’t have any pics for you guys today, a lot of the work done this week was framework.

Stuff prototyped and ready to be added in:

– Items




Items should be done by next week. AI and combat will take a little longer (3 – 4 weeks) and I’ll fit graphics in when I can. Everything is prototyped and separated to make making changes easier in the future.