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Maps and tilesets

Posted in SK Roguelike on 2010/08/31 by onensora

pwnmonkey has created some bitchin’ tilesets, and though the tilesets are still unfinished, I decided to recreate the map shown in the original video (I applied a shitty filter with Photoshop to make it look a bit more like the video, but the map is a real map and not just a mockup).

I spoke to CK, the creator of the original video a couple of hours ago, who supplied me with the tilesets and maps of his project. Thanks again, CK! We’ve decided to use our own tileset in the game, but we’ll definitely draw inspiration from your stuff.



Posted in SK Roguelike on 2010/08/31 by bblibble

EDIT: This article will not be updated anymore. For the up-to-date FAQ, check the link in the menu on the left side of the page.

Just thought I’d do an early FAQ to give people an idea of what we are looking to do with SKR and build up the hype a bit. Feel free to come and ask your questions in our IRC channel. (Link below).

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IRC channel

Posted in IRC on 2010/08/30 by onensora

We’ve created an IRC channel and anyone is welcome to join.
#skr on

New to IRC? Use this. Enter a nickname and enter #skr in the Channel field.

New guy on the team

Posted in SK Roguelike on 2010/08/29 by onensora

An hour or so ago, I teamed up with bblibble who will probably also be making blog posts in the coming time. We’ve been discussing the game and are pretty optimistic about it.

In the coming days I hope to release some screenshots of our progress, but first I need to create/find a somewhat decent tileset to work with.

Hello world!

Posted in Uncategorized on 2010/08/29 by onensora

Keep an eye on this blog, I will post more in the near future.

Reminder to self: join

EDIT: Here’s the video we are basing the project on:
Thanks, Memy.