New guy on the team

An hour or so ago, I teamed up with bblibble who will probably also be making blog posts in the coming time. We’ve been discussing the game and are pretty optimistic about it.

In the coming days I hope to release some screenshots of our progress, but first I need to create/find a somewhat decent tileset to work with.


8 Responses to “New guy on the team”

  1. caius112 Says:

    sup bro

    I managed to download the original video and re-upload it to youtube (albeit only in shit quality, the original is lost forever)

    Here’s the link, I hope the spam filter doesn’t eat it:

  2. memy Says:

    You should make a forum. I can set it up, but I can’t guarantee it’ll be any good.

    Also, what’s your Steam ID so I can make you an officer in the group?

  3. pwnmonkey Says:

    I’m pretty good at graphics design, so if there is anything you need made just let me know.

    I’m also pretty good at Java and Python, however i’m not sure what your using because you did not state it.

    My steamid is “pwn_monkey” if you want to shoot me a message

  4. kazooiebanjo Says:

    I have a lot of ideas if you want to add me on Steam. I was the one that suggested the “craft your own obsession and have the game give you a name in the papers based on it.” idea. Not much else to add though.

    Steam: kazbananjo

    • Sorry for the somewhat late reply. I think it’s handier if you just contact us through IRC if you haven’t already. Check the IRC post for more information.

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