Maps and tilesets

pwnmonkey has created some bitchin’ tilesets, and though the tilesets are still unfinished, I decided to recreate the map shown in the original video (I applied a shitty filter with Photoshop to make it look a bit more like the video, but the map is a real map and not just a mockup).

I spoke to CK, the creator of the original video a couple of hours ago, who supplied me with the tilesets and maps of his project. Thanks again, CK! We’ve decided to use our own tileset in the game, but we’ll definitely draw inspiration from your stuff.


25 Responses to “Maps and tilesets”

  1. Stark Says:

    Cool. It definitely captures the feel of the original video.

    Just out of curiosity, what programming language are you guys using and will you be using the same kind of descriptive combat attacks that the hoaxer used?

    • Java for ease of use and portability and yes, we’re going to use the same kind of combat.

      • Andy Says:

        Just out of curiousity, which libraries/packages are you going to use to make this game? Are you going to use any specific Roguelike libraries that already exist or are you going to make most of it from scratch?

  2. Vilkas Says:

    I thought the whole thing was just made with flash. Crimson King really was working on an actual game?

    Anyway, good luck on this project.

  3. It’s nice that CK’s willing to at least donate the resources he used to make the video. Keep at it!

    • bblibble Says:

      Yeah, we really appreciate him helping out like that. Thanks for the support.

  4. Vic Romano Says:

    Hey its great to see you guys doing this
    I’m wondering if it is going to be windows exclusive?

  5. I dont believe you! this must be another hoax!!!

    Just kidding :)

    • Stark Says:

      Another hoax would be pointless because it will be impossible to generate the same amount of buzz as the original hoax. Most people will be very wary of this project until an alpha is provided and also the game will need to have the same unique features that the hoax version used.

      Oh, I have another question. Will you be displaying crimes in progress in the status area? The color coded crime thingy was cool.

  6. I was very disappointed when I saw that the original was a hoax, but seeing someone making a REAL SKR makes me okay with the hoax lol

    • bblibble Says:

      :) If it wasn’t for the hoax we wouldn’t have started this. Think of it as part of the dev process :P

  7. Stark Says:

    Any updates, guys? Hows the game progressing so far?

    • Still working on it, don’t worry. I’m just not as fast as, say, Notch because I cannot afford to make this a full time thing.

      • Technically Notch only just recently made it a full time thing as you put it. He hasn’t actually done much work at all since going full time either, heh.

        • I think I’ve found the roguelike the SKR hoax was based on (layout wise at least). Let me know what you all think.

        • I used Incursion’s UI as a reference :

          Notice the similar text indicators denoting the players current status.

          The combat mechanics of the mockup were obviously borrowed from Dwarf Fortress, I merely spiced it up by adding more descriptive text. You don’t even have to have a proper body material system to do something like this in a real roguelike, just have several sets of injury flavor text for each body part and make it so that the text changes depending on which weapon you use as well as your skill and strength. You’re still merely draining hit points, but you get more interesting textual feedback when compared to generic things like “You hit the man! He is injured! You hit the man! You kill him!”

  8. sektor666 Says:

    Uhhh..wasn’t it rather based on Dwarf Fortress? Ivan is mostly dungeons and there’s hitpoints in combat.

  9. Macizzle Says:

    havent been an update lately, is this still happening?

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