Still alive

Sorry for the lack of news on my part lately. Don’t worry, we’re still working on it. I’ll try to get some nice screenshots up soon, so you’ve got something to look at, and we’ll start making detailed blog posts about how certain game mechanisms will work.


36 Responses to “Still alive”

  1. Peter Says:

    <3 you guys. Seriously can't wait to see some screenies. Keep us updated! Small frequent posts are better than none at all!

  2. J1MB3AN97 Says:

    So, have ya guys started on the combat system yet, or still working on lockpicking, doors, vision, stuff like that?

    • We haven’t started coding the system yet, but we are busy working out exactly how we want it. Once we’ve got that down the coding will be pretty easy.

  3. sektor666 Says:

    individual body parts, internal organs, muscles and sinews, bleeding, asphyxiation, blinding, pain tresholds and loss of consciousness, throwing up and losing the ability to scream plox :3

    also it would be awesome if you could see the damage you’ve done to an npc, kinda like in IVAN or in ascii sector.

    • Wilkas Says:

      Yes! Boring old hit-points would probably be the reason I’d loose interest in this game.

  4. Just wanted to tell you that i appreciate that you try to give this game flesh and bones.

    The “guest” that just spoke to you in the chat.

  5. BoboDaHobo Says:

    Everyone seems to be posting feature requests everywhere, so hopefully you won’t be too annoyed if I nag here. Is there any way you could plan on including traditional roguelike ‘vi’ key controls as a option?

  6. Macizzle Says:

    soo.. any progress?

  7. psycho Says:

    yeah, any progress?

    • Yes, but it’s been slow because I’ve been looking for a job to support myself financially. I’ve just started programming again and hope to post some cool stuff soon-ish.

  8. psycho Says:

    good luck with the finances.

    looking forward to some more press from you guys.

    keep it up!

  9. J1MB3AN97 Says:

    Yeah, this is all sounding good. Though not to nag again, but don’t forget CK’s entire (sort of) idea about the sewing and stapling limbs thing when ya get around to it.

  10. Hey, just posting for encouragement.

    Also, I would like to encourage work on the DF-like combat notations. I thought this was the coolest part of the concept. I also think that part will be much harder done than said.

    Subbed to the feed. Good luck!

  11. i’m guessing this is dead

  12. Peter Says:

    bastards. Post more stuff!

  13. Oi! Watch your language! If you are that hasty, you go make it!

  14. Soapman Says:

    Once this game is working I want to be able to beat people to death with Severed Arms, Even if i have to cut off my own arm to do it.

    There should also be some sort of point system to give it some replay Value.

    Are you gonna put babies in the game?
    I was able to get a cow to eat a whole baby in Scribble-naughts and thats gonna be one of the first things i try.
    (after beating the Parents to death with my own severed arm.)

    I just have one last thing to say… Orphanage.

  15. Jake Read Says:

    hey are you guys still working on this cause you havent updated for weeks

  16. Annonymous Says:

    I’m just about ready to call this site dead. C’mon! Post something so we know you’re still at it, it doesn’t have to be screenshots or anything, just SOMETHING so show us you have a pulse :P

  17. Fordon Greeman Says:

    im so waiting for this game

  18. psycho Says:

    this is dead. typical. prove me wrong.

  19. DrHojo123 Says:

    so the cake was a lie then?

  20. Jordan Says:

    thank you guys for actually trying to make this game. just recently ive gotten into roguelikes, and when i read that the original SKR was a hoax i was so sad. i just love how you have to use your imagination for these kind of games.

    • pwnmonkey Says:

      Have you played dwarf fortress? It’s probably one of my favorite rogue-likes out there.

      • Jordan Says:

        no i have not, but ive thought about trying it out. i think ill download it now actually, something to do while i wait for SKR to finish.

        • pwnmonkey Says:

          Believe me it will give you years of entertainment, and its till in alpha stage.

  21. Peter Says:

    If you guys aren’t going to finish this, can you please release the source? Someone else might pick it up, or it would at least be nice to have a look at it.


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