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Posted in Uncategorized on 2010/11/19 by pwnmonkey

You can now walk, run, crouch, sneak, look, attack, fire, pickup, drop, and lock pick =D. We haven’t bound the tileset to the game yet, so any pictures we might put up will be in ASCII graphics. I’m going to work on the overall system for controlling items, it’s a lot harder then you might thing =P.
later guys


Prototyping combat system

Posted in Uncategorized on 2010/11/05 by pwnmonkey

Right now we are prototyping the combat system.
We have decided on C++ using the Libtcod library.

Just thought we would keep you updated =D

This project is not dead =D

Posted in SK Roguelike on 2010/11/03 by pwnmonkey

Hey everyone,

I’m a new programmer on the team. We are going to be changing some major core stuff programming-wise so there wont be any picture updates soon unless its concept-related, sorry about that.

However, I assure you this project will be finished. =D