This project is not dead =D

Hey everyone,

I’m a new programmer on the team. We are going to be changing some major core stuff programming-wise so there wont be any picture updates soon unless its concept-related, sorry about that.

However, I assure you this project will be finished. =D



13 Responses to “This project is not dead =D”

  1. Cool. Just keep it up! Funny, I actually started watching Dexter after seeing the fake concept movies. Now, I want to play a SK Roguelike even more than before.

  2. not bad, i lost hope

    • To be honest, so did I. I hadn’t stopped working on it, but our plan wasn’t very feasible. With the new dev’s help (he’d already helped a lot when he wasn’t officially on the team) I think we can actually make this happen.

      • Jacob Read Says:

        do you have an estimate on the release will be

        • pwnmonkey Says:

          We will probably be releasing beta versions (maybe alphas) If we do release alphas you will probably see some content soon.

  3. Memy Says:

    I don’t believe you.

    • DrHojo123 Says:

      belive what you want =3 i just hope there make it ^_^ i want to eat people eyes >=P

  4. CylonOven Says:

    Thank goodness! Was fearing the worst. :D

  5. Jordan Says:

    awesome. i knew it wasn’t dead.

  6. Jacob Read Says:

    when will the betas be out

  7. J1MB3AN97 Says:

    Well damn. After a month, things are usually dead. Best comeback I’VE ever seen. Keep it up!

    • Soapman Says:

      Thats not necessarily true, making games takes time.
      Its very easy to forget to post up some progress every once in a while.

  8. Soapman Says:

    Hey i see a Tiny @ sign in the picture…

    Does that mean you are taking up my idea with including babies in the game?

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