Don’t worry,

We are still working on it =D


24 Responses to “Don’t worry,”

  1. Good! Thanks for putting my concern to rest.

  2. J1MB3AN97 Says:


  3. phexitol Says:

    Lies! You’ve been playing that roguelike LARP again, admit it!

  4. JakeLoustone Says:


  5. CylonOven Says:


  6. Jordan Says:

    hell yes!

  7. Samael Says:

    Thank you Very,very very much!!!!!
    Bufff….I cant wait!! XD

  8. 1dra7 Says:

    Anything we can donwload? Now????

  9. Sleat rut Says:

    I need specifics.

  10. jake read Says:

    hey guys just wondering what parts of the game have you acomplished

  11. I bet it will be great!

  12. 'non Says:

    Demo please, so we all won’t die from anticipation

  13. Audioworm Says:

    HUZZAH! I can hardly wait!

  14. Will Says:

    Will we be seeing a Alpha Soon

  15. DrHojo123 Says:

    *cough* sure is getting dusty around here

  16. Audioworm Says:

    Yay! I can barely wait!

  17. DrHojo123 Says:

    dead again -_-

  18. Will Says:

    Please give us an update

  19. sektor666 Says:

    if you guys abandon this project, i swear. im going to find you and kill you. and nail your hands to the wall. and drink your blood. and then get shot by the police while trying to flee the crime scene.

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