Update 2/17/2011

Hey everyone,
I’ve been meaning to make a post but I’ve just been so busy lately, this weekend you guys will get some screenshots for sure. We’ve just been working on a lot of the framework and behind the scenes stuff so there hasn’t been much to show.
We haven’t implemented the usage of SDL in it yet so any screenies we do show will be in raw ASCII (although it will probably be defaulted to ASCII and then you can add textures if you wish.)
Thanks for the support guys.


7 Responses to “Update 2/17/2011”

  1. Peter Says:

    Hooray! A bit of abuse goes a long way. I still love you guys <3

  2. GreatScott Says:

    Can’t wait, hopefully it’ll be a great game.
    Good luck!

  3. Will Says:

    Oh thank God, was I worried when you guys didn’t update. thanks for this it has renewed my hope

  4. DrHojo123 Says:

    as long as i can still crucifie peoeple and take the heads im still waiting for this game =3

  5. Jordan Says:

    not a surprise to me, i didnt give up after a month like some of these guys.

  6. J1MB3AN97 Says:


  7. Will Says:

    Since you have screenshots, does this mean when can expect a Alpha in a month or two

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