Last 3 hours spent on…

trying to get this thing to compile on Linux. No success yet, my knowledge of makefiles are…. lacking.


13 Responses to “Last 3 hours spent on…”

  1. anonymous Says:

    Maybe instead of compiling natively just run it in wine and correct errors resulting from that. that way the codebase stays consolidated.

  2. 1dra7 Says:

    I have one question. Can we knock on people’s doors and get invited in? Maybe ask for a snack, and while the prepare, knock them out with a baseball bat? Something?

    I also have a cool idea. You don’t have to do it. But I was thinking, let the player host a reality show, but you host challenges and kill off the contestants without anyone else knowing. Eh? EH?

  3. 1dra7 Says:

    BTW When can we get like, an Alpha or something to play?
    Be careful. Some guy, (forgot the name) will find this and shut it down if this gets TOO big. The maker of, I’m Okay, was it?

  4. jake read Says:


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