Alpha Log 2

I added path finding

As you can see, right now he’s trying to follow the mouse position. I also added some new tile types, and now your color gets grayed out when you sneak.


7 Responses to “Alpha Log 2”

  1. Will Says:

    Hell Yeah now we’re running. This is getting closer and closer to Alpha stage amrite?

  2. 1dra7 Says:

    Wow. Judging by the screenshots, people are living in the forest. xD
    People chose the right spot to live. xD
    when do you expect to give us an alpha?

  3. 1dra7 Says:

    ooh, also, out of 1-100%
    how close are you to being done?

  4. gensTechyon Says:

    Hey I have a question???? How close is this to gamma stage??? Out of 6-beef meat is this done?? How come you don’t post anything but pictures!!. LOL. I’m just messing with you. You are working hard, and that’s all that anybody can expect.

  5. CylonOven Says:

    Very nice! Perhaps when you add city generation, you should make the value for walking on sidewalks higher, so NPCs wont be scraping against their fences/walls. But when they’re panicked, they take the shortest route.

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