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New website

Posted in Uncategorized on 2011/03/27 by pwnmonkey

Here it is =)


Late Alpha log 5

Posted in SK Roguelike on 2011/03/22 by pwnmonkey

Hey guys, sorry I didn’t make a post Sunday, I was super sick =(. But anyways, I got us a Gitorious which means this project will be open source =). Nothing has been uploaded yet and I’ll give you guys the link when we decide to upload it so you can see our progress as it happens.

Alpha log 4

Posted in SK Roguelike on 2011/03/13 by pwnmonkey

Not really much progress this week, i’m on spring break right now. But in other news we are going to get a real domain name for this project soon.

Alpha Log 3

Posted in SK Roguelike on 2011/03/07 by pwnmonkey

I don’t have any pics for you guys today, a lot of the work done this week was framework.

Stuff prototyped and ready to be added in:

– Items




Items should be done by next week. AI and combat will take a little longer (3 – 4 weeks) and I’ll fit graphics in when I can. Everything is prototyped and separated to make making changes easier in the future.