Alpha Log 3

I don’t have any pics for you guys today, a lot of the work done this week was framework.

Stuff prototyped and ready to be added in:

– Items




Items should be done by next week. AI and combat will take a little longer (3 – 4 weeks) and I’ll fit graphics in when I can. Everything is prototyped and separated to make making changes easier in the future.


19 Responses to “Alpha Log 3”

  1. Jake Read Says:

    so in maybe a month and a halve we can have an alpha download?

    • pwnmonkey Says:

      Can’t say for sure, I don’t know what state we want to release it in.

      • Unanymous Says:

        This fan base would eat up a preview of just the city generator or anything of the sort. Regardless, whatever you eventually decide, I’m just happy to see frequent updates. Keep up the good work.

        • Will Says:

          I know I would, but if they do decide that it deserves more time I would understand. though I would be kinda sad.

  2. Peter Says:

    The frequent updates will definitely keep people interested in this project. Thanks for giving us information! Also, yes your audience would love to play with anything you come up with!

  3. DrHojo123 Says:

    can’t wait for this to be finshed =3

  4. Audioworm Says:

    This is so awesome. I can hardly wait.

  5. gensTechyon Says:

    Professor Kozuh’s First Law of Technology
    Whenever technology is first invented, people try to kill each other with it.

    We cannot truly understnat the history of modern tecyhnology – or the history of modern warfare without considering the lnogstnading, complex, and pervasive relationship between war and technology

    American Civil war



    Vietnam War

    Technology is fundamentally connnected to warfare.

    Points to Ponder
    Relationship between military and various technologies
    Does new technology make war more or less “humane”?

    American Civil War
    not many messages sent by telegrams

    messages were transported by horse

    supplies were transported by wagon, or horseback
    humans traveled by foot.
    relatively few ever traveled by railroad

    all of the ships used to transfer supplies were traditional sailing ships

    how the fought
    Close knit formation, Greek Phalanx battle formation
    Keep tight, overpower

    Still represented the main power, the use of armor and shields helped power these armies. Swords and Pikes effective than arrows.

    Early muskets could not shoot very far, only well trained could shoot only a few times
    Bayonets on muskets == pike
    on the defense, fire and reload x3 and that time, it turned into hand to hand combat.

    Fought the same way they did with guns as they did with swords and pikes in the age of the Greeks.

    This kind of fighting worked, until

    Muskets horribly innaccurate, but becuase they lined up shoulder to shoulder

    Rifled musket, rifling spun the bullet as it travels out of the barrel and makes it more accurate and faster

    Hunting rifles were hard to make, and were very expensive, rifle bullets had to grip the inside of the barrel.
    Smooth bore muskets, had round bullets that were Bombers -> ground troops
    Helicopters carired troops, whisk you away to advanced car
    Radios helped squads communicate
    Napalm jellied gasoline (u jelly?)

    The military hands were tied because of political reason
    If they had committed to total war they would have won,
    To the Vietnamese it was total war, when the French were driven out, and then the US came in???? They saw the US as foreign invaders.
    The Vietcong would outlast any foreign invader

    New form of communication known as Television.
    Tet Offensive
    Walter Cronkite

    For years the US told the people that they were winning, but News reporters told a totally different story.

    Field of Medecine,

    in the Civil War people died all the time because of blood loss, infection.
    People didn’t know about germs yet. So they didn’t clean any tools.
    Horrors of war. Soldiers are more likely to face a deadly situation if they feel like they will survive. So Governments were interested in convincing the unwounded soldiers to fight.

    Blood plasma, and new drugs to fight infection.

    This trend continued, and in Vietnam. and fewer than 1% of the soldiers who made it past 24 died.

    This military technology helped
    Points to Ponder……………….


  6. 1dra7 Says:

    on a scale from 0-100,
    how close to being done are you?

  7. J1MB3AN97 Says:

    Man, we’re just flyin’ down the path of production, aren’t we?

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