Late Alpha log 5

Hey guys, sorry I didn’t make a post Sunday, I was super sick =(. But anyways, I got us a Gitorious which means this project will be open source =). Nothing has been uploaded yet and I’ll give you guys the link when we decide to upload it so you can see our progress as it happens.


5 Responses to “Late Alpha log 5”

  1. DrHojo123 Says:

    thats great ^_^

  2. Unanymous Says:

    I forget what your stance is about being platform independent, but regardless going open source means we will be able to port it fairly easily if you don’t. I am really looking forward to seeing what you guys have accomplished. Keep up the good work.

    • pwnmonkey Says:

      For the first couple alpha releases it will just be for Windows, however there will also be the source code. Ill put all of the dependencies in there to make it easy for whoever wants to build it on their own. After I work out the bugs on my other computers, I will release it for Windows, Mac, and Linux. So no worries =)

  3. Peter Says:

    Awesome. I hope you’re better now too :)

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