#skrogue at freenode
For those wishing to help out just stop by there and we can talk =)
Otherwise just come hang out


15 Responses to “New IRC”

  1. adracko Says:

    Great timing, I’m bored and feel like doing something. Chatting about a game and possible contribution is perfect.

  2. Mr. Impatient Says:

    I’ll use my somewhat helpful questions to help out

    -Did you save the game in multiple files and/or devices? Some can get corrupted or destroyed.
    -How will you distribute the game (download, mailed CDs, etc.)? Which websites do you have in mind? I would recommend since it’s legal. Try not to fall for big, illegal torrent hosts like The government is REALLY cracking down on these pages. Even if you’re game was made in a perfectly legal manner, it still won’t be safe. The FBI occasionally closes down these websites. So do you’re research (if you’re going to file share the game) about some interesting websites. Really hate to see so much work go to waste.

    Good Luck ^^

  3. Jacob Read Says:

    Hey, wake up. *Pokes dev

  4. Mr. Impatient Says:

    Hello? You alive?

  5. Guys, don’t keep this up. It’s officially dead. It’s February and this was last edited about 3 or 4 months ago.

  6. Some Guy Says:

    The site is up, there is one folder called dota, with one picture in it.

    I think we all now know what’s been holding him up.

  7. Arch Says:

    Well it certainly looks dead to me…

    I’ll just put it there >:3

  9. ray huffman Says:

    there is one other dev making a serial killer roguelike

    it looks pretty basic in comparison to this one, but its our last hope

  10. DrHojo123 Says:

    You lot do have to rember he has a life as well he might be really busy….or dead just be paient and wait and see what happens :)

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