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Late Alpha log 5

Posted in SK Roguelike on 2011/03/22 by pwnmonkey

Hey guys, sorry I didn’t make a post Sunday, I was super sick =(. But anyways, I got us a Gitorious which means this project will be open source =). Nothing has been uploaded yet and I’ll give you guys the link when we decide to upload it so you can see our progress as it happens.


Alpha log 4

Posted in SK Roguelike on 2011/03/13 by pwnmonkey

Not really much progress this week, i’m on spring break right now. But in other news we are going to get a real domain name for this project soon.

Alpha Log 3

Posted in SK Roguelike on 2011/03/07 by pwnmonkey

I don’t have any pics for you guys today, a lot of the work done this week was framework.

Stuff prototyped and ready to be added in:

– Items




Items should be done by next week. AI and combat will take a little longer (3 – 4 weeks) and I’ll fit graphics in when I can. Everything is prototyped and separated to make making changes easier in the future.

Alpha Log 2

Posted in SK Roguelike on 2011/02/27 by pwnmonkey

I added path finding

As you can see, right now he’s trying to follow the mouse position. I also added some new tile types, and now your color gets grayed out when you sneak.

Last 3 hours spent on…

Posted in SK Roguelike on 2011/02/26 by pwnmonkey

trying to get this thing to compile on Linux. No success yet, my knowledge of makefiles are…. lacking.

Another FOV option.

Posted in SK Roguelike on 2011/02/24 by pwnmonkey

Heres another way that we could do field of view.

Which one do you guys like better?

Started messing around with field of vision.

Posted in SK Roguelike on 2011/02/22 by pwnmonkey

Here is a FOV test. Not sure how I like it, I might just make it so you cant see inside houses unless you have vision of them, but you can see everywhere else outside. Either way I’ve finally hooked up the map to libtcod’s library so I can add path finding later today.

Again I’ll be in the irc channel if anyone wants to join.