Website down

Hey guys I just found this out and I’m not sure why this happened. No worries though this doesn’t mean anything and will be up again when I get the chance to sort it out


13 Responses to “Website down”

  1. Jake Read Says:

    Yey! It’s not going the way of the *Extinct Animal*!

  2. Unanymous Says:

    Oh thank goodness. I thought for sure this project had pulled a dodo. I hope you get everything fixed with the main site without too much trouble.

  3. DrHojo123 Says:

    *Wipes forehead* allright we are safe hope its fixed soon

  4. Jake Read Says:

    Any progress?

  5. sektor666 Says:

    it’s still down wtf :<

  6. adsfasdf Says:

    its dead

  7. Can I go ahead and ask a question?
    What else needs to be done before V1 can be released?

  8. Lucien Says:

    Still nothing new?

  9. Unanymous Says:

    I blame Skyrim, and or Skyward Sword.

  10. Some Guy Says:

    Yep, this is almost officially dead. That’s a shame.

  11. Mr. Impatient Says:

    Ummmm…you alive bro? No update in a month.

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