What IS SKR?

SKR or Serial Killer Roguelike, is a Roguelike game where you play a serial killer. The aim is to be clever, precise and survive as long as you can whilst fulfilling your characters sick and twisted needs. This is NOT a game for children.

Where did you get the idea for SKR?

onensora found a video of what seemed to be an early version of a serial killer roguelike. Long story short, it was a hoax. However the video looked so fun and entertaining we knew someone had to do it. onensora began work almost immediatly and asked me to join him shortly after. The video is linked below.

Questions from IRC:

Alcohol/Drug abuse? Tasers? Security Skills? Having a “home”? Protecting your home?

<onensora>alcohol and drug abuse, could be implemented. It’s certainly fitting

<onensora> tasers, maybe. I haven’t thought about individual weapons much

<bblibble> there will be ways for you to protect things and for people to protect themselves, how thats going to be done is something to be decided

<onensora> having a home is something a lot of people expressed they wanted, so it’s safe to say this will be a feature

What about a fear meter for people or for even the city/town?

<bblibble> i have something a bit better in mind for that :)

What sort of weapons will there be?

<bblibble> Everything is a weapon and will come with its own strengths and drawbacks

Will there be a skill system? Classes?

<bblibble> Skill based, increasing individual skills with no limits as to what you can take but that will be expanded upon and discussed later.

<onensora> There will be no levels. Skills improve by usage, maybe by reading about them.

Would you be able to say, disguise yourself as a cop to escape the scene of a crime?

<onensora> Well, I was thinking of a feature where the killer is compelled to return to the scene of the crime (because of his particuar psychological trait). Dunno if Ill actually implement it yet.

<onensora> disguises will likely be in anyway

Are you guys thinking of a specific setting/time period when making this?

<bblibble> 80-90s

<bblibble> I think a lot of more recent modern day things limit the kind of freedom a killer has

<onensora> yeah, 80-90s

<onensora> no internet

What about end game, can you win??

<bblibble> no-one wins when a serial killer is involved

<bblibble> losing is the fun

When will SKR be released?

There will be several releases during the development process, but we haven’t decided on a date for the initial release yet.

Will SKR be open source?
Once we stopped development (either because we finished it or gave up) it’ll definitely become open source, but it’s unlikely that the source will be made public before that.

more questions will be answered and added as they are asked


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